Greener Faster Challenge Resources


Data Collection

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Remember to check MG&E's website for checking your Kwh and Therms.

Visit the Madison Water Utility page for information on your water use.

Download more Data Charts HERE to keep track week by week.


Conserve Energy

Reserve your portable energy meter here


Waste Less

Got Junk?
: Have them come out and remove unwanted items for recycle or reuse

Middleton Trash and Recycling: find out what to put where and when here.

Deerfield Recycling Program details

Madison Streets and Recycling Program: Recyclopedia 2012


Drive Less

Fuel Maximizing Behaviors

Hypermiling information


Save Water

EPA's Water Sense

Native Plants List

MedDrop Dane


Eat Well

REAP Food Group's resources page

MACSAC: Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition

Farm Fresh Atlas: Find information on area farms, where to find particular foods, and what is in season when.

Buy Fresh Buy Local: A Guide to eating out in Madison while trying to eat local and organic.


Build Community

List of Community Groups


Avoid Toxins

Recipes for Non Toxic DIY Cleaning Supplies