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EnAct: Steps to Greener Living is published locally in Madison, Wisconsin with locally produced Biolocity ink on recycled, 100% post-consumer fiber and totally chlorine-free paper, so rest assured that your purchase is environmentally friendly! Save up to $5.95 when you order online from us.

Independent Booksellers and Retail Outlets

EnAct: Steps to Greener Living is carried by a number of independent booksellers and retail outlets. This is a list of physical and online locations where our book can be bought from $15.95 and up.

Community Pharmacy
341 State Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Crossroads Coffee House
2020 Main Street
Cross Plains, Wisconsin

Little Luxuries
230 State Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Mystery to Me
1863 Monroe Street
Madison, Wisconsin

People's Books Cooperative
804 E Center Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative
426 West Gilman Street
Madison, Wisconsin

A Room of Ones Own
315 W Gorham Street
Madison, Wisconsin

The University Book Store
711 State Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Hilldale Mall
702 N Midvale Boulevard
Madison, Wisconsin

Willy Street Co-op
1221 Williamson Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Willy Street Co-op West
6825 University Avenue
Middleton, Wisconsin

EnAct: Steps to Greener Living is also sold on Amazon.


Rosemary Garfoot Public Library, Cross Plains, Wisconsin

Madison Public Library system, Madison, Wisconsin

Middleton Public Library, Middleton, Wisconsin

Fitchburg Public Library, Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Portage County Public Library, Portage County, Wisconsin